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LG's Prime Steakhouse

255 South Palm Canyon Drive
Palm Springs, CA 92262
Phone: 760.416.1779

Date of Visit: 11 August 2007


Note: In order to not duplicate what I previously wrote for this visit to Palm Springs, please see the review for The Chop House of Palm Springs for background.

LG's has been in the desert since 1991, and now has three locations in the valley: Palm Springs, Palm Desert, and La Quinta. Many friends of mine have visited LG's and raved about it. I, in fact, have made several reservations to dine here, but due to changing schedules, had to cancel them all. So as not to suffer the embarrassment of cancelling another reservation (I am sure I'm on their "Watch Out For" list!), I decided to walk in around 7:00 PM on Saturday night. Asking if they had room for one, the hostess said that they could accommodate me in about 45-minutes. I said that was fine and promptly seated myself at the bar.

I ordered a glass of Long Meadow Ranch sauvignon blanc ($8.50...but the cost never appeared on my transferred check) from the less-than-talkative bartender. Nice wine but not an extremely pleasant bar staff. Fortunately, in about twenty minutes, the host came to me and said that my table was ready.

I was seated at a nice four-top in the center of the main dining room. The place was busy and lively. The table was nice but the chair was not very comfortable. (And no Old and Fat jokes, please!) The server, Chip, came over and explained their specials and took my beverage order. Since I was in no hurry and "thirsty", I ordered a bottle of 2004 Greg Norman Estate Limestone Coast cabernet/merlot ($34.00). Unlike other restaurants, LG's uses traditional, "real" wine glasses. This is always an important feature in my book.

While enjoying the wine, I watched Chip prepare their classic Caesar Salad tableside for the table next to me. (Sadly, the table of four young couples showed no attention to Chip's efforts.) I have always been a fan of tableside preparation of the classic Caesar. It should always be quite a show.

Time for Dead Cow. Not being in an appetizer/soup/salad mood, I decided to order just an entree and one side. So when Chip returned from his Caesar Salad chef's duties, I just ordered the New York strip ($38.95) and a baked potato ($5.95). While drinking my wine, I watched an interesting food delivery method. Each table's dishes are brought out by one or more waiter assistance. Each one had what appeared to be several clipped-together and rolled towels affixed to the length of one arm. The plates were stacked on their arm, with only a small portion of each plate overlapping the other. It was quite a show to watch, especially when two men brought the entire order to the table of eight next to me, and managed to place each dish and side in front of the correct recipient without errors. I was impressed.

When it was time for my delivery show, the server brought out my plates and before placing them down on the table, asked me to take my napkin and hold it up over my chest, to guard against "...the sizzling plate and butter splattering on (my) shirt." He also said not to touch the plate, as it was very hot. And he was right. The plate was so hot I could feel the heat through the napkin and my shirt. Personal Rant: While good for show, plates this hot only serve to continue cooking the Dead Cow as it sits on your table. It is fine to add some hot, melted butter to the top of the Cow and use a warm plate, but plates hot enough to cause bodily harm are never a good idea. Nevertheless, kudos to the servers and their feat of balance -- and all done without setting any restaurant patrons on fire, too.

Since I consider Don Shula's one of the best multiple-location steakhouses in America, I tend to use the taste of their NY strip as my baseline. The NY at LG's was tender and perfectly prepared, but lacked the more intense taste of Shula's. But I did not consider LG's New York bad. It was an excellent piece of Dead Cow that I enjoyed very much. It was just not as intense as Shula's. The baked potato was probably one of the best I have had. It has a pleasant potato flavor (Don't laugh! Too many baked potatoes taste like cardboard...or worse.) and was perfectly baked, with just the right amount of "stuff" to top it.

I finished the meal with a cup of fresh coffee ($2.75) and another few ounces of the Greg Norman wine. (I sent the remaining half-full bottle of wine to the kitchen with Chip.) Had a pleasant post-dinner chat with Chip and the manager, who came by to say hello. Interesting to note that the manager did not go to any other table at the end of their meal. Could it have been a tip off from Chip about the fat guy at table 42 who was taking copious notes on everything going on in the restaurant that night? We will never know....

If you find yourself in the middle of the desert, make it a point to drop in to any of the three LG's locations. You will have a great meal, with great service, served in a lively, fun environment. Check them out; you will not be disappointed.


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