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JW's Steakhouse

5855 West Century Blvd (inside the LAX Marriott Hotel)
Los Angeles, CA 90045
Phone: 310.641.5700


Date of Visit: 07 May 2008


I was hanging out at the Sheraton Four Points at LAX one night and just happened to be in the mood for some Dead Cow. Not wanting to drive, I decided to walk over to the LAX Marriott on Century Boulevard and have dinner at their signature steakhouse, JW's. And besides, I had a $50 gift check from Marriott that was burning a hole in my pocket so I had to use it!

When JW's first opened, I was there. In fact, I was the second table seated. (I would have been the first but I let a pretty lady and her guest cut in front of me. Go figure....) I didn't write a review and I am not sure why. But I recall there were several issues that I thought could be overcome with some "seasoning." So with my $50 gift check clutched between my fat fingers, I waddled down the street to the LAX Marriott and into JW's Steakhouse.

JW's hostesses could use some customer service training. When I asked for a table, she just said, "This way" and walked me to a small two-top, set down the menu, and walked away. I felt so "special." Oh well, I am sure I won't take it too personally, but I am pretty sure she is off my Christmas card list.

The decor of JW's is not too bad on the eyes. The kitchen is open, which I like. However, the way the tables are arranged, does not give a good view of the open kitchen. If I were designing this place, I would have also but a counter in front of the open kitchen so several people could sit and watch the chefs work. However, the general layout of JW's is clean, quiet, and comfortable.

I started with a Beefeater martini ($9.25) and reviewed the menu. While reading the menu, a basket of very fragrant assorted breads was brought to the table. JW's menu is limited and has steakhouse favorites such as a 22-ounce Porterhouse ($40), 14-ounce 28-day dry aged New York ($42), and an 8-ounce and 10-ounce filet ($36/$40). Shrimp scampi is $29 and a breast of chicken entree is $26. All sides are $9.

The 16-ounce bone-in rib eye ($38) caught my eye so I elected to go with that as my entree. For a salad, I got the Wedge ($9). To accompany the Dead Cow, I ordered the Basmati rice ($9). As I was not in too much of a wine mood, I just ordered a glass of Simi cabernet ($12) to lubricate the Dead Cow.

The Wedge was promising. It was made with Stilton cheese instead of Blue, and grape tomatoes and bacon bits. The Stilton added a more robust dimension than Blue but the bacon and tomatoes did not add much taste. The salad was also not very cold, which is a big problem for me. It should be ice cold, served on a chilled plate, and brought to the table with a chilled salad fork. (Remember, presentation is important!) Would you care for some fresh cracked pepper? Well, yes, please. So the waiter reached over the table and picked up the small plastic pepper mill on the table and used it. Really? No show at all. I could have done that. And for nine-dollars, I do expect some show and presentation jazz. There was none.

I found the bone-in rib eye to be cooked as requested and rather nice mild flavor. It was a very enjoyable piece of Dead Cow. However, the Basmati rice was overcooked and without any discernable flavor. And for nine-dollars, a very bad investment on my part.

There are service and hostess problems at JW's. The food, for the most part, is not bad at all except as noted. If you are around LAX and in the mood for some Dead Cow, stop in and give JW's a shot. To help with your dining bill, the hotel does offer three-hours validated parking for diners.


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