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Freemark Abbey Wine Dinner at Bayside Restaurant

Bayside Restaurant
900 Bayside Avenue
Newport Beach, CA
Phone: 949.721.1222

Freemark Abbey
3022 St. Helena Highway North
PO Box 410
St. Helina, CA 94574

Date of Wine Dinner: 15 January 2004


Yup, this is a departure from the normal dinner review on DeadCowSociety. No Dead Cow was served, but it was an incredibly fun evening that crys out for sharing with the rest of you!

On 15 January, the ChiefMeatInspector and I attended a dinner sponsored by Freemark Abbey winery. The dinner was held at Bayside Restaurant in Newport Beach, CA. Darlyne Miller Kosi, the representative from Freemark Abbey, was the event host.

Here is the menu, along with wines served:

First Course
Compressed Maine Lobster Salad
with Cucumber and Avocado, Light Ginger Dressing
Carpy Ranch Viognier, 2002

Seconde Course
Smoked Scottish Salmon on Blini
with Creme Fraiche, Capers, and Dill
Chardonnay, 2002

Third Course
Seared Foie Gras and Poached D'anjou Pear
with Balsamic Reduction and Baby Frisee
Petite Sirah, 2000

Fourth Course
Sliced Loin of Free Range Venison
on Yukon Gold Potato with Wild Exotic Mushroom Ragu
Cabernet Sauvigon, 2000
Cabernet Sauvignon "Bosche", 1999

Fifth Course
Three Chocolate Dome
with Chocolate Sauce and Fresh Raspberries
Zinfandel Port, 2001

The entire dinner was very nice. This was my first visit to Bayside, but the ChiefMeatInspector has been there before. I would like to go back there and order from their menu to see what the total reataurant dining experience is like there.

But besides the good food and great Freemark Abbey wines, the other guests at the dinner made it a very pleasant experience. Along with food and wine came great conversation. I especially want to thank Darlyne Miller Kosi from Freemark Abbey for putting together the event and working with Bayside to develop the menu. Her in-depth knowledge of the wines served that night made the event not only fun, but educational. And a special thanks to Daniel S. and the very entertaining couple from San Diego (they have the 1974 Freemark Abbey Bosche, so I am waiting for an invitation to dinner sometime soon) for exceptionally good conversation and company. Oh yes, and let's not forget the wonderful Cyrille from Vine Tales and Hi-Time Cellars in Costa Mesa! Thanks to everyone for a super evening!


  Overall Experience

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