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"Just For The Hell Of It" Dinner at ChiefCowEater's House

ChiefCowEater's House
The Slums of Los Angeles
www.deadcowsociety.com (Did you expect me to enter some other Web address??!!)

Date of Wine Dinner: 14 February 2004


Another Valentine's Day and nobody special to spend it with. And because misery loves company, the also-dateless ChiefMeatInspector came over for dinner after he returned from a photo safari to the wilds of Pt. Loma.

We decided that it was time for some great cook-at-home dead cow, so we packed up the Solara with cash and headed up the hill to Bristol Farms in Rolling Hills Estates, CA. For those of you who have yet to experience shopping at Bristol Farms, your first decision will be whether to shop there at all or make your mortgage payment...because the amount will be about the same! After perusing the dead cow (and dead fowl, dead pig, dead lamb, dead fish, et. al) counter, we selected two delightful-looking porterhouse steaks at $21.00 a pound. After picking up a few other needed items, the ChiefMeatInspector incurred a sizable amount of credit card debt as we checked out and headed back down the hill to where us common folks live.

The steaks were grilled outside and the menu consisted of:

Salad Course
Mixed American Greens Salad
with Fresh Tomatoes and Avocado; Marie's Super Blue Cheese Dressing
Eberle Viognier, 2001

Main Course
Grilled Porterhouse Steaks
with Steamed Calrose Rice and Blanched Broccoli
Freemark Abbey Cabernet Sauvignon, 1984

Dessert Course
Fresh California Strawberry Shortcake
with Balsamic Vinegar- and Sugar-Maturated Strawberries; Whipped Cream
"What was left of the cabernet!"

The Eberle Viognier is consistently a nice wine and a favorite of ours. This was the first time for the Freemark Abbey 1984 cabernet. It was light but with a nice body and legs, and after an hour of air, bloomed into a nice aged cabernet.

It was a nice impromptu Dead Cow Society dinner. And when I have saved up enough money to return to Bristol Farms, it will be time for another one!


  Overall Experience (What did you expect??)

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